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There's No Place Like Home
Series 01, Episode 05
Air Date Sep 06, 2002 on BBC
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There's No Place Like Home is the fifth episode of the first series of Ace Lightning, which was first broadcast on Sep 06, 2002 on BBC.


Since Mark is in trouble for destroying the appliances (caused by Ace powering up from them) and not allowing Ace to power up from them anymore, Ace is caught between a rock and a hard place when he's low on power and being stalked by Anvil.

Mark gets him to an old observatory which contains a transformer that Ace uses to return to full strength and defeat Anvil. He makes the observatory his home, calling it Thunder Tower.


  • This is the epsiode Ace find's an old observatory as his new home and names it "The Thunder Tower".
  • The Thunder Tower is also the name of Ace's atual HQ in the videogame.