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The chronology of Ace Lightning is mostly unknown due to little given information and backstory regarding the characters and history of the Sixth Dimension. It is unknown for date system the Sixth Dimension follows, so all dates and events shall be shown under Earth's calendar system. Note that the events of the Sixth Dimension are believed to be simply fictional, created by the Master Programmer, Rick Hummel.

Events, Births & Deaths

Unknown Time

At some point, the Sixth Dimension was created, or at least believed to be created (it was actually created by the Master Programmer). Earth was also formed approximately 4.5 billion years ago.
It is possible that the person known as "Zoar" created the Amulet of Zoar.

The Middle Ages: 476AD-1453AD

According to executive producer for the show, Rick Sigglekow, Anvil was born during the Middle Ages, making him the oldest character in the show.
Presumably, Climbcrag Castle in the Sixth Dimension was constructed in what appears to be a volcanic environment.
The Medival knights were created. Possibly the Lightning Knights were inspired by these warriors.


Lord Fear was born in the period, currently 352 years old.


  • Unknown Dates
Cowboy Crossroads in the Sixth Dimension is presumably built. Rotgut is also presumed to have born and died around this period, living on as a zombie.
  • 1883
The Kent Bros. Carnival is opened for the first time by the Kent family.


  • 1913-1918
World War I on Earth occurs. It is unknown if the Sixth Dimension had a similar war or not.
  • 1930
Pluto is discovered by astronomers on Earth.
Mr. Cheseborough's father was alive around this time.
Conestoga Hills' observatory, later to become the Thunder Tower, existed as well.
  • 1940's-1950's
World War II occurs on Earth.
Mr. Horace Cheseborough was likely born around this period.
Duff Kent, Nettie Kutcher and Rick are likely born during the 1950s.
  • 1957
Simon Hollander is born.
  • 1960
Fiona Hollander is born.
  • 1967
Random Virus is born.
  • 1969
Googler is born.
  • 1970
Ace Lightning is born.
  • 1970s - 1980s
Lady Illusion is presumed to be born around this time.
Dirty Rat is presumed to be born around this time.
Sparx is presumed to be born around this time.
  • 1989
Mark Hollander is born.
Pete is born.
Chuck Mugel is born.
Samantha Thompson is born.
Brett Ramirez is born.
Heather Hoffs is born.
Wayne Fisgus is born.
Jessica Fisgus is born.
Kat Adams is born.


Ashley Hollander is born.
  • 1991
Pigface is born.
  • 1996
Random Virus is badly wounded in a battle that scrambles his programming and most of his body is destroyed. He is given robotic limbs, and develops a multiple personality disorder.


  • Before 2002
Lord Fear steals the Amulet, but it is retrieved by Ace Lightning. Lord Fear likely was crippled by Ace around this time. He and his minions are imprisoned in the Sixth Dimension.
Ace imprisons Googler in White Hot Oblivion.
Lady Illusions breaks Lord Fear and his minions out of prison and they steal the Amulet again. Ace chases them to the Sixth Dimension's Carnival of Doom.
Mark Hollander and his family move from London, England to Conestoga Hills, USA.
Rick creates a programme that can bring the Ace Lightning characters to life but he is mocked and fired. He inserts his programme into a game disc which is bought by Mark.


  • September, 2002
A bolt of lightning strike's Mark house in Conestoga Hills, and at the same time Lord Fear opens a portal to Earth. Ace, Lord Fear, Lady Illusion, and the other villains emerge in Mark's back garden. Ace enlists Mark as his sidekick. Duff Kent meets Lord Fear and his minions and allows them to stay in his carnival, although they make him serve themm. Mark has his first day at school, meeting Chuck, Samantha, Brett, Heather, Wayne and Mr. Cheseborough.
Mr. Cheseborough is kidnapped by Lord Fear and replaced by Lady Illusion for two days.
Ace takes residence in the town's observatory, naming it the Thunder Tower.
Ace and Lady Illusion begin their dangerous romantic relationship.
Lord Fear uses a new Amulet piece to free and summon Googler.
  • October 31st, 2002
Halloween - Chuck is mistaken by Pigface and Dirty Rat as Ace. Duff attempts to ask Ace for help but he fails.
  • November-April, 2002
Random Virus is summoned by Dirty Rat.
Samantha takes a one-day job at the carnival but quits.
Sparx is summoned by Mark, and he quits his job as a Lightning Knight for several days, but rejoins.
The villains invade Mark's house but the attempt doesn't go quite so well. Sparx and Lady Illusion fight in the Thunder Tower.
Sparx is blasted to the Sixth Dimension by Googler's puppets.
Pete briefly visits Mark in America.
  • April 1st, 2002
April Fool's Day - Lady Illusion disguises herself as Mark and ruin his social life. Samantha splits up with Mark.