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Unwelcome Guest
Series 02, Episode 03
Air Date Apr 13, 2005 on BBC
Previous The Game's On
Next A Secret Life

Unwelcome Guest is the third episode of the second series of Ace Lightning, which was first broadcast on The Game's On.


Mark plans to invite Kat around for a little time together, but some scheming from bratty Heather turns it into a party which gets Mark into a lot of trouble. Lord Fear receives another Amulet fragment from Lady Illusion and summons Dirty Rat back who is ready to plunder and pillage.

Chuck is lured into a trap by Lord Fear, but Ace arrives to help, and he discovers his Ring of Flame upgrade. In the shadows, the Master Programmer's unleashed creation watches, a mysterious man named Kilobyte. But what does he want?


  • This is the episode in which Kliobyte makes his debut (silhouette only)