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Series 02, Episode 01
Air Date Apr 06, 2005 on BBC
Previous Game Over
Next The Game's On

Upgrades is the first episode of the second series of Ace Lightning, which was first broadcast on Apr 06, 2005 on BBC.


Three months after Lord Fear's demise in the previous series, Mark returns from a holiday in London to find that Ace and Sparx plan to return to the Sixth Dimension and take Random with them. Random, however, doesn't wish to go and when Mark opens a portal to his game, Ace and Sparx are sucked inside, leaving Random and Lady Illusion behind.

Mark's troubles worsen when Lord Fear miraculously returns and starts rebuilding his army, with the return of Lady Illusion and a zombie named Rotgut. How can Mark possibly stand a chance now without Ace to help?


  • This is the first epsiode of the second season of Ace Lightning.
  • In the epsiode Rotgut, "The Walking Dead" is introduced for the first time along with Kat Adams and " The Master Programer" (silhouette only).