Ace Lightning Wiki
Names Zip and Snip
Nicknames Puppets of Pain, Purile Puppets (by Lord Fear) Failures (by Staff Head)
Species Living Sock Puppets
Affiliation The Carnival of Doom
Gender Male
Ages Unknown
Abilities Energy draining, zombifying venom. Super strength in jaws.
Weaknesses Think with their "stomach's"
Voice Actor Matt Ficner

Zip and Snip are two animated characters who work as minions for Googler. Appearing as two identical sock puppets, apart from their colours, Zip being red and Snip being blue, the two are often seen on Googler's hands and can attack in a variety of ways with their jaws.



Zip appears as a living sock puppet made of red cotton. He has two white googly eyes on the bottom of the sock's foot. He also has one black string with a gold jingling bell poking out of the back of his head. Zip's mouth has 8 sharp teeth inside it, made of cotton like the rest of his head.


Snip appears as a living sock puppet made of blue cotton. He has two white googly eyes on the bottom of the sock's foot. He also has two black strings with gold jingling bells poking out of the back of his head. Snip's mouth has got 8 sharp teeth inside it, like the rest of his head.

Zip and Snip each have a pair of cartoony, googly eyes, that sometimes, seem to bulge from their sockets when draining energy from victims.


Zip and Snip are just as crazy as Googler is, sharing a brotherly relationship and always seen together. They often speak in rhyme, and their eyes bug out occasionally. In their first appearance, the two are shown having random physical fluxes in their movement. They are commonly hungry, and comment repeatedly on their desire to eat and bite people, making them quite carnivorous. They are also very sadistic, showing no remorse for their actions, such as blasting Sparx into the Sixth Dimension. The two hate dentists, and are vulnerable to harm from noisy sounds.


Zip and Snip have a number of different abilities, and can be quite powerful when combined in a fight with Googler, although Ace describes as only puppets in Googler's hands. The two can leave Googler to work on their own whether Googler is active or resting, and have the ability to fly, Samantha Thompson mistaking them for rabid birds. Their power mostly lies in their jaws and teeth. The two puppets can bite clean through any surface, as demonstrated when Zip to flung into a tree by Ace and he leaves his bite marks in the tree surface with the bark completely stripped off. They can suck the energy and superpowers out of characters, knocking Mark unconscious and leaving Ace temporarily without superpowers. Combined, the puppets can spew venom into a victim, turning them into a mindless and evil zombie slave. If blasted into The Kent Bros. Carnival's puppet theatre, the two may appear in a frozen state.


Zip and Snip get on quite well with Googler, being his minions and friends. The three share an anarchistic view on life and have a deep hatred towards Sparx and Ace. The three are never seen arguing or facing off, leading to no conflict between the characters.
Lord Fear shows great respect for Googler and Zip and Snip, who he refers to as "puppets of pain". However, Lord Fear and Staff Head are quite unforgiving when the villains fail and Lord Fear even blasts the villains whilst calling Zip and Snip "purile puppets".
Zip and Snip seem to enjoy tormenting Dirty Rat, attempting to eat him when the rat insults them and Googler. In a later episode, they steal Mark's Amulet piece for him, and comically comment that there is "An Amulet on an idiot!"


Pre-Season 1

Zip and Snip's origins are unknown but they could be a psychological creation of Googler which have become real. The two puppets are seen in Googler's service during his time running his own circus in the Carnival of Doom. Ace fights Googler and defeats him, Snip spitting out and surrendering Googler's piece of the Amulet. It was likely after this encounter that Googler was banished to White Hot Oblivion in Dimension Two by Ace.

Season 1

After Dirty Rat find a piece of the Amulet, Lord Fear uses it to summon Googler, Zip and Snip from White Hot Oblivion. Lord Fear is astonished by the appearance of Googler and his puppets. Dirty Rat chastises the puppets, prompting Googler to launch Zip and Snip at Dirty Rat, the puppets trying to eat him until they drop him to the floor as Googler runs him over. Later, Zip and Snip, along with Googler attack Ace and Mark. Whilst Zip is smacked into a tree by Ace, Snip latches onto his arm and sucks out his powers, forcing him to wear a disguise until he later gets his powers. Zip and Snip help capture Mark and hold him hostage above a ball dunking tank at the carnival, with Zip and Snip waiting below like sharks. Ace saved Mark, and the puppets are defeated. Lord Fear angrily insults Googler and his puppets, and then blasts them to the carnival's puppet booth after they start blaming eachother for their failure.

Zip and Snip briefly appear in Once Upon A Hero, stealing Mark's piece of the Amulet and give it to Dirty Rat who later uses it to summon Random Virus. In Knights Undercover, Googler sends Zip and Snip off to torment Samantha and Chuck Mugel, trapping them on a carnival ride. Mark appears to rescue his friends, fending off the puppets with a piece of scaffolding. The two turn Ace into a zombie in Ace's Wild, allowing Lord Fear to use him to kill Sparx and Mark but he is restored unknowingly by Chuck.

In Unidentified Flying Superhero when an alien craze hits Conestoga Hills, Googler and his puppets attack Sparx but end up getting lost and feel abandoned when the Dairy Wagon is taken away by Gus with Duff and Dirty Rat in pursuit. After camping out on a bench outside the middle school, the three are angrily awakened by the noises of Mr. Cheseborough's alien detection machine and attack him and Mark. After chasing Mark to the back of the school, Googler and the puppets engage Ace and Sparx in battle. During the fight, Sparx drops the Sword of Jacob which Zip and Snip pick up and blast Sparx back to the Sixth Dimension with it. Sparx later returns thanks to Ace.

Zip and Snip are defeated alongside the other villains in Game Over when Mark shatters the Amulet.

Season 2

In the second season, Zip and Snip do not speak but are still alive. Still in Googler's company, the two aid him in pursuing Ace and Sparx around the Sixth Dimension, and then chase Chuck Mugel when he materialises in the dimension. Googler and his puppets return to Conestoga Hills when Lord Fear summons them with the villains' sixth piece of the Amulet. The two are more cartoony, their eyes bulging out a lot. During Kilobyte's master plan, the viillains attack Random Virus including Googler, but Random grabs Zip and uses him as leverage to fling Googler out of the junkyard. Googler and his puppets are defeated for the final time by Lord Fear and blasted back to the Sixth Dimension.